Friday, July 23, 2010

One Bite Review: The Copper Onion

I don't review restaurants until I've had at least a couple dishes there.  But my recent meal at the  Copper Onion in Salt Lake was so tasty and interesting, I wanted to write something. Plus, it ain't the cheapest place around, so I may not be back too soon.  So here goes, the inaugural One Bite Review, a short review of one plate.

The Copper Onion Burger is the best hamburger I've had in Utah, maybe my whole life.  And I loves the burgers.  They are probably the only food I actually get cravings for.  Salt Lake Magazine's food critic can't stop talking about the Copper Onion Burger, so I went there with my boss one Friday afternoon.  The place is trendy and a little stuck-up, like you'd expect from a place raved about in SL Mag.

We both ordered the Copper Onion Burger with arugula salad (thrice-cooked fries are available instead).  The lettuce was tossed in parmesean and olive oil.  The three ingredients together made a deep and bold unami taste.  The $11 burger was very thick - perhaps one inch.  The beef juice was soaked into the bottom bun, so I thought it was going to be a soggy experience.  On the contrary, the homemade roll was thick and hard enough to capture the juice without bogging it down  And, really, wouldn't you rather have a burger with all its juice intact?

The toppings include grilled red onions, white mayo, and shredded lettuce.  The onions are tasty and sweeten the dish up.  The toppings are perfect, but they're really just a supporting cast to the beef.  I don't know how they did it, but it was the best ground beef I've ever tasted.  Juicy and rich.  Too bad the patty wasn't uniformly cooked, as there were a couple bites of rare in my medium burger.  It's a shame they came at the end of my burger, otherwise it would have been utter plated perfection.

Vehemently recommended.

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