Monday, July 13, 2009

Pop Tarts Orange Cream Flavor

Under no circumstances would I ever consider paying money for Pop Tarts Orange Cream pastries. While strawberry Pop Tarts are one of my guilty pleasures, the idea of a Dreamsicle flavored Pop Tart just turns my stomach. But it was in the break room at work so I had to for novelty's sake.

The eating experience, actually, isn't that bad. The "crust," I guess you call it, is flaky and delicious, perhaps even more than I'm used to with Pop Tarts. The frosting isn't anything to quibble about either. And the orange cream filling inside tastes remarkably faithful to a real creamsicle. Now, this didn't mean that I enjoyed it, but if the idea of this product sounds even remotely appetizing, go for it! This summer novelty will be gone by Fall.

Summary: Faithful to the creamsicle flavor. If it sounds good to you, you'll probably love it.
Rating: Well done

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